Course curriculum

  1. Course Overview and Introduction

  2. Chapter 1 - Overview of Real Estate Investing

  3. Chapter 2 - What is a "Value Add" Investment

  4. Chapter 3 - Buying Right

  5. Chapter 4 - Value Add Due Diligence

  6. Chapter 5 - Areas of Opportunity to Increase Value

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Cliff Perotti, Founder of The Property Beat Academy, is a 37 year veteran of the real estate industry with over $1 billion in real estate sales and multiple certifications as a Master Instructor for investors, brokers and company owners throughout the world. He has hosted The Property Beat radio show and podcast for over a decade and is internationally recognized as a real estate expert. He is the author of The Real Estate Entrepreneur, and has been a featured speaker at several national real estate conventions. Cliff Perotti Founder/Host

Cliff Perotti


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